Be Inspired and Boost Your Career… It’s Time to Reconstruct Our Industry

Be inspired by influential leaders, equip yourself with transformative tools to maximize your success and become an integral part of the movement reconstructing the industry

The gold standard for any woman in our industry wanting to be inspired, share experiences or gain tools and insights to apply directly into their ongoing path in Construction

Commercial Director @ SNC-Lavalin's Atkins

A must-do event for any women working in the industry!

Construction Engineer, Mace

A collection of strong, empowering women, striving to empower others in the industry

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About the Women in Construction USA

Women in Construction USA is brought to you by the creators of Europe’s largest conference series dedicated to driving gender diversity and empowering women.

The industry has an image of being suitable for men only, and it’s not shifting. The low percentage of women in the industry needs to be addressed now to lay the right foundations for the future.

After a sell-out launch in London, we’re bringing this inspiring, eye-opening and educational event to America.

You’ll leave empowered with practical tools to tackle both personal and professional hurdles, and with connections who have faced the same challenges as you. You’ll also get deep insight into how diversity is the answer to the industry’s biggest challenges. 

It’s time to disrupt, time to accomplish your goals, and time to rewrite the narrative… are you ready?


Companies who get involved

Suffolk Construction
Turner Construction
The Cordish Companies

Speakers include

Katie Coulson

Vice President - Account Manager @ Skanska

Jit Kee Chin

Chief Data Officer & Executive Vice President @ Suffolk Construction

Randee Herrin

Senior Vice President @ TDIndustries

Sophia Cavalli

National Social Responsibility Leader @ DPR

Barbara Bouza

FAIA, Managing Director & Principal @ Gensler

Topics include

Spotlight on Success

  • Inspiring Ourselves To Fulfil Our Career Potential
  • Rewriting The Narrative of Success
  • Becoming An Expert

Business Disrupters

  • Fixing The Leaky Pipe - How Do We Keep Women in the Industry?
  • Advocating From The Majority - How Can Men Help?
  • Business Case For Diversity - Strategies To Implement

Industry Disrupters

  • How To Attract More Millenials To Your Business
  • Widening the World of Apprenticeships 
  • How To Use Tech Effectively Within Your Business

Tackling Bias in the Workplace

  • Steps To Become A Diversity Champion
  • Fighting Imposter Syndrome - You Are Enough
  • How To Overcome Gender Bias

Advancing Your Career

  • Negotiating with Confidence - Promotion & Pay Rise
  • Adapting to Change
  • Championing Your Career

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Watch our highlights from London for a taste of what's to come!