Women in Construction USA: 'Witness the power of diversity and reconstruct the industry'


Ahead of Women in Construction USA, Conference Producer Jordan Graham explains how the event will 'tackle the norm'


Women in Construction USA is the leading conference for professionals looking to actively tackle the norm, witness the power of diversity and reconstruct the industry.

As industries continue to grow and push the boundaries of our public & private spaces, construction is seemingly left behind in terms of diversity and inclusion. With the root of many of these issues now identified and known, we are in a powerful position to actively push the status quo to repaint the industry. The low percentage of women entering, but also staying in the industry will be addressed now, to lay the right foundations for the future


At Women in Construction USA, you’ll be joining a global community showcasing the quest towards inclusivity. You’ll not only engage in interactive workshops but become fully immersed into raw, honest conversations breaking down the status quo, critically analysing workplace patterns and sharing best practice towards a more diverse industry.

The full bodied agenda has been engineered to deal with all your burning questions, challenges and professional hurdles to ensure you’re not only equipped as a female professional but a deepened understanding of your role in the wider restructuring of the industry.

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