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Be Inspired

Reignite your Passion

Learn from motivating industry leaders sharing their insight, expertise and vision for the quest towards an inclusive industry. You’ll learn practical tips and tricks, be inspired by personal stories and engage in critical discussions on what it means to be a woman in construction.


Join a Lively Community

Working in a male-dominated industry can create a sense of isolation. Joining this vibrant community will ensure you don’t only leave with countless connections, but a real sense of belonging.


Supercharge your Career

Engage in interactive workshops, critical seminars and thought-provoking discussions focused on reinventing you as a modern-day construction professional. Learn from empowering individuals about the steps necessary to reach both your personal and professional goals.


Witness the Power of Diversity

Learn the forward-thinking strategies that are accelerating change and showcasing the real power of diversity - how it may, in fact, be the solution to some of the biggest challenges that the industry faces.

New structures

Innovating the Industry

When you think construction, what’s the first image you see? Engage in critical discussions on how to actively challenge the status quo, the culture and effectively repaint the industry to reflect real diversity.